About Us

Global Processing Centre, Ltd. (GPC) is designed to facilitate a strong financial eco-system and payment architecture for the delivery and capture of Electronic Financial Transaction (EFT) payments. The world of payments has been rapidly developing over the past decade, and it has been the telecoms sector and private companies that have largely led the investment, research and innovation required for the making and capturing of payment transactions. For far too long, financial institutions in the Latin American Caribbean (LAC) region, including the Eastern Caribbean, have had to use third party processor services that have been unable to offer banks, merchants and consumers the convenience and security of modern payment services. It is also often daunting for indigenous financial institutions to overcome the financial and resource barriers necessary to develop in-house processing – especially given the technical and compliance requirements of today’s market.

GPC has been established to remedy this by positioning itself as a bank neutral processor, providing a turnkey processing solution for all, including financial institutions, their merchants and service providers. By integrating industry proven technologies and infrastructure with years of experience in the financial, operational, and compliance spaces, GPC has establish a fully PCI DSS certified data centre operating a multi-channel platform for cards, electronic wallets, mobile payments, e-commerce/m-commerce and even government g-commerce. The GPC management and team include professionals with banking experience, and are able to provide consultation to all interested banks, merchants and cardholders.

Our Vision

GPC’s mission is to deliver value-adding EFT solutions to the local, regional and international marketplace, providing the services, security and support needed to stay competitive in an ever expanding global market. To this end and through the implementation of best practices that meet and/or surpass the requirements and expectations of the relevant regulatory bodies, our goal is to continuously augment our EFT platform with the necessary technology and control systems to ensure continued compliance with AML/CTF/ FATF requirements, as well as PCI DSS and other internationally accepted processing standards.

With this foundation in place, GPC is able to create and support current and newly independent revenue channels that can capitalize on emerging technologies (starting with our new SugaPay Payment Ecosystem) and trends on the EFT processing space. Our portfolio of products and services will include these new channels through which GPC will promote the differentiating factors of competitive pricing, unique and expanding services, superior availability and a high quality standard of service.

Our Business

The short and long term success of Global Processing Centre, Ltd. rests in the ability of the company to continue to provide value to its client base by meeting and exceeding market needs, remaining current with industry safety and compliance trends and innovations, and satisfying changing customer preferences and interests. GPC’s business focus is to provide secure and cost effective EFT solutions that create value for our direct and indirect client base.

GPC has developed a flexible portfolio of effective issuing and acquiring products, services and service extensions that build on the baseline service offering and provide added value for the customers while building brand awareness, including real-time services systems, portfolio management systems and the first comprehensive merchant management system to be made available locally.