Our Products & Services

serviceimage2In order to meet the increasing needs of financial institutions in the region, we upgraded our processing platform to considerably expand our transaction processing portfolio to include credit, debit and prepaid card products and mobile wallets, as well as POS, ATM, and e-Commerce, m-Commerce and g-Commerce acquiring solutions.

The strategic vision of the GPC management team was to fulfil the more traditional payment processing needs, whilst enabling financial institutions, vendors, and end-users to participate in a number of emerging alternative payment mechanisms – including mobile and NFC payments, e-wallet and e-government solutions. GPC’s management is committed to supporting its clients to obtain more efficient and convenient means of making and accepting payments in Antigua and the Caribbean.

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Card Authorization, Routing, Production and Management
  • Card Management Authorization (CMA) & Portfolio Mgmt Services
  • Card Production Services (Outsourced)
  • Card Encoding, Embossing, Personalization
  • Debit & Credit Card Processing Services including stored value
  • Gateway Services – Management & Routing
  • Rewards/Loyalty
  • Portal Services – bank/provider/cardholder, etc. (internet, mobile, etc.)
  • SugaPay card services
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ATM Management, Transaction Capture & Services
  • ATM Driving
  • ATM Monitoring & Alerting
  • ATM Personalization
  • ATM Key Management
  • ATM Settlement Services
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Risk Management
  • Merchant Acquiring & Card Activity Fraud Management
  • CMA Authorization and Limits Management
  • CVV Checking for PIN based activity
  • Fraud Risk Scoring – Realtime and Reporting
  • Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode (Roadmap)
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Financial Institutional Services
  • Merchant Processing Services
  • Core Banking Integration
  • Email & SMS alerting – Banking, merchanting, secure messaging
  • IVRU Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Dynamic Limits Processing
  • Reporting & Reconciliation Services incl. automated report delivery
  • Rules Engine based processing
  • P2P, B2B and B2P EFT processing
  • Bill Pay Processing Services
  • Secure Messaging (B2B/B2P)
  • Portal branding, hosting and delivery – Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Channel
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POS Management, Transaction Capture & Services
  • POS Sales
  • Brick & Mortar Acquiring (restaurant, hotel, supermarket)
  • Wireless POS – GSM/GPRS
  • Mobile POS application switching
  • EMV Acceptance
  • ePOS
  • Specialized POS Capture (e.g. Cell topup) Switching
  • SugaCube mobile POS terminal
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Additional Services
  • mCommerce, Mobile Topup – cell phone topup and topup commerce
  • eWallet services – interest bearing, minimum balance requirement
  • Prepaid solutions – for payrolls and remittances
  • Merchant Services including settlements and alerts
  • Bill Payment
  • Agent Processing
  • General API access for integration of PCI External systems
  • Entity to entity payments and processing services
  • Other ASP based services (medium term)
  • Local/Regional EFT Switching
  • Closed loop loyalty redemption system (barter of loyalty points)
  • E-government and g-commerce
  • SME focused (specialized) offerings
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